Why Study in New Zealand?

New Zealand is one of the most peaceful nations in the world that’s why it has become the first choice of students in the world. Universities and colleges of New Zealand provide highly valued degrees. The presence of different cultures and backgrounds give a student space for personal growth and development. New Zealand’s education system works on hands-on practical learning style, students experience more than just getting theoretical knowledge.

Students have the opportunity to work anywhere in the world with a degree from New Zealand in hand. The New Zealand embassy follows a crystal clear visa policy which makes the application process fast and easy. The best part about studies in New Zealand is that the tuition is paid after visa approval.

How to Apply Study Visa for New Zealand

Different rules are for applying for a visa if you planning to enter New Zealand. Students are free to apply for visas according to the duration of the course. Various kinds of student visas are in New Zealand like Dependent Child Student visa, Exchange Student Visa, Fee-paying Student Visa, New Zealand Aid Student Visa etc. Students can enjoy a high-quality education in New Zealand after having visa approval. So, Pyramid will provide you top-notch guidance to choose the best College in New Zealand according to your eligibility criteria. To apply for a study visa at any New Zealand Institute students need to follow the process as shared below.

  • College/University application along with the academic documents to be shared
  • Receive Offer Letter from the College/University.
  • Police Clearance Certificate(PCC) and Medical Certificate are required.
  • Financial Requirement Proof is mandatory.
  • Statement of Purpose(SOP) is required.
  • After all preparation, then consultants will help you in the further procedure.
  • Interview(Telephonic or otherwise)
  • File lodging procedure.
  • Then the final Result will be in form of a visa.

Work While Study In New Zealand

Part-time work experience can help students to earn enough in order to cut their day-to-day expenses. Moreover, students can gain experience which helps to develop skills like communication, teamwork, timekeeping etc. These skills can be very beneficial for students in future. But students should always try to balance work hours with study so academic performance couldn’t be compromised. In New Zealand, worker rights are available to international students while studying. New Zealand only allows you to work 20 hours a week on a student visa.